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Beauport Music
Music by Robert J. Bradshaw

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 - Full Orchestra


 - String Orchestra

     Down to the Sea in Ships


 - Trumpet Ensemble

     Carillon (Six Trumpets)

 - Brass Quintet (Tpt I, Tpt II, Hn, Tbn, Tba)

     Faith, Diligence, and Fortitude

 - Piano Quintet (Piano, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello)

     On The River

 - String Quartet (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello)

     Petite Suite

 - Mixed

     Arboretum (trumpet, violin, and Piano)

     Crepuscular Rays (clarinet, trumpet, and Piano)

     Out of the Quiet (trumpet/flugelhorn and two percussion)

SOLO (accompanied)
 - English Horn

     Three Poems (English Horn and Piano)

 - Bassoon
     Ad Hoc (for Bassoon and Piano)

 - Trumpet

     Appalachian Shadows (Flugelhorn or Bb Tpt and Piano)

     Concerto (Trumpet in Bb and Piano)

     Ozymandias (Trumpet in C or Bb and Organ)

     Sonata ( Bb Trumpet and Piano)

     Sunday Excursion, A (Flugelhorn or Trumpet and Piano)

     Warm Sun, Cool Breeze (Flugelhorn or Trumpet and Piano)




Deus ex machina




Three’s A Crowd



At the Root of Identity (A Music of Difference Composition)

Girl in White, The

One Summer's Day



Articles Nor'east

Ballad of Emma Bell Miles, The

Basically a Thermodynamic Phenomenon

Byrn-Roberts Suite

Butterfly Effect

Death of a Mentor


Faith, Diligence and Fortitude

He Lived for Others


Hight Flight


Hymn of Peace

Katy and the Big Snow

Mackerel Sky

Norman’s Woe

Schooners in the Harbor

Sinfonia Sacra

Ten Pound Island

Threnody (A Music of Difference Composition)

Whites of Their Eyes, The

Wraiths of Witch’s Wood

Yankee Swap



As our voices begin to rise

Between the Ocean and the Sea

Blackness of Night

Cantate Domino

Dream, A

Fiat Lux!

Greatest of These is Love

Missa Brevis

My Life Closed

Notecard Cantata

Nunc Dimittis

Pie Jesu Domine

Psallite unigenito

Solatium Domine


Vision in the Night, A



Deep, Like the Rivers

Parable of "Opportunity Lost”, The (or Orch.)

River Night

Terra Nullius, Oceanus (w/Brass 5tet)


After Noon Fables (Stg 4tet)

American (Vc & Pno)

April’s Air (Bass Fl, Perc, Pno)

Arboretum (Tb & Winds or Strings)

Beauport Flourish (Brass 5tet)

Beauty Reveals Itself (Ob, Vl, Pno)

Birds of the Windy City, Part I (Tpt & Audio)

Carillon (Tpt Ens)

Concept of Anxiety, The (Hn & Pno)

Contemplation (Pno)

Cost of Compassion, The (L’Histoire Septet)

Dancing Embers (Sop Sax & Pno)

Diapente (Tpt Ens)

Elucidate (Cl)

For Catherine (Fl, Vl, Pno) (A Music of Difference Composition)

Good Harbor, Home (Nar, Hn, Bsn, Pno, Stgs)

How sweet the moonlight sleeps (Voice, Flugelhorn, Pno)

Ibid (Fl, Bsn, Pno)

Ibsenism (Sop Sax & Pno)

Icon (Ob & Pno)

In My Collection (Fl & Pno)

Impressions (Fl Ens)

Instant Gratification (Tpt Ens)

Kennedy Affect, The (Eng Hn & Pno) (A Music of Difference Composition)

Las Apariencias Engañan (Tpt, Perc, Pno)

Lissome (Vl)

Miracle of Lascaux, The (Electric Bsn, Stgs & Perc)

Mourner's Kaddish, A (Mixed Winds & Perc)

Murder of Crows, A (Tpt, Vc, Pno)

Notes for Buddy (Tpt & Pno)

Odic (2 Tpt & Pno)

One-way Ticket (Tpt or Hn, Va or Vc, Pno)

Op cit (Cl & Pno)

Op-ed (Vl & Pno)

Opt Out (Fl & Pno)

Oscillation (Eb Cl)

Out of the Quiet (Tpt & Perc)

Painted with Thread (Ob, Vc, Pno)

Parade of Sail (Tpt Ens)

Revealed (Brass 5tet)

Right Then.  Same Time Tomorrow? (Brass 5tet)

Sonification: using sound to convey information and perceptualize data (Fl & Audio)

Sounds of a Working Waterfront (Solo Instruments & Audio)

Statements, Commanding (Tpt, Vc, Pno)

Still Water and My Thoughts I (Pno)

Still Water and My Thoughts II (Pno)

Three Died for Peace (Gtr & Stgs)

Transformations (Bar Sax)

Traveler’s Prayer, A (Bass & Org)

Triptych Cipher (Tpt Ens)

Twelfth Labor of Heracles, The (Brass 5tet)

Whispers (Pno)

Wiser Than Leaves (Voice, Fl, Cl, Bsn, Perc)

VOICE (Solo)

Æternam Habeas Requiem

And Hannah Prayed

And Mary Said

cheeoree bop

Lai of the Scions, The

Softly Calling

Until Then (Jazz)

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